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ACT Prep

The ACT is one of the most important tests ever taken by most high school students. With so much resting on the outcome, it is vital to be properly prepared. Our tutors will work to ensure that each student will have every strategy available to facilitate success.

High-School Courses

No one is born an expert at math or a gifted writer. Excellence is the result of hard work and persistence. We strive to focus these efforts towards mastery in a variety of subjects.

AP & College Classes

Students in advanced classes often find that the pace and depth of their coursework can be overwhelming. Our tutors provide structure and guidance through all of the difficult concepts with an aim towards earning college credits.

We can cover a lot of subject material to help you understand it better.

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    ACT Preparation

    901 Prep was started to help high-school students prepare for the ACT. We thoroughly cover all 5 sections to ensure the best score possible.

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    We are able to cover all high-school math classes including AP Calculus (AB). Tutors are also available for many college-level courses.

  • Science

    Don't understand Newton's Laws of Motion? Trouble remembering the difference between ethane and ethene? Need someone to help you understand biogenesis or volcanic rock formation? We can cover all the science content you need!

  • English

    With our newest offering, 901 Prep can now help with English writing. We will help you craft that 5-paragraph essay into the perfect paper. Emphasis on grammar and content.

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    We are constantly looking to expand our service to better serve the academic needs of Memphis. If you need help with something not listed here, just ask. We might just be able to help.

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Our Amazing Team

The people pushing for your success.

With a combined 0.2e2 centuries of experience, our team has a very broad knowledge base and extensive teaching experience. With their help, you or your child will be well-prepared for any academic challenge.

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All tutoring is subject to availibility. If you are new to 901 Prep, please contact us to ensure that your preferred subject and tutor are available at the current time. To schedule with Nikki, please contact us first.

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